Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy


dharma-wheel Welcome! My name is Leesalyn. I offer meditation and yoga classes in the south Austin community that are informal, non-competitive, and paid by donations - encouraging all abilities to participate.

Local gift giving

With the holiday season upon us, thoughts of kind gift giving begin to stir. This year please consider giving the gift of yoga, meditation, or any one of the Loving Service services offered. All gift certificates come with a special surprise gift for you to keep or to share. Its a win-win-win or Love-Love-Love situation. Lets pay it forward together this holiday season.

Silent service

As we begin to gather for the closing of this epic year 2012, i will be immersed once again in 10 days of service with our dharma brothers and sisters. These last two sessions of the 10 day silent Vipassana meditation course at the Dhamma Siri center are filled to capacity and brimming with Metta (loving-kindness). This giving of selfless service to the center and its attending meditators is my gesture of Dana (donation) for the depth of experience and wealth of teachings i have received over the years.

During this time, Bliss Meditation and Yoga classes as well as Loving Service services will be postponed. Child care, pet companionship and housesitting services will resume December 17 (New Years day and eve time slots are still available). Yoga and meditation classes begin again the 2nd week of January. May our New Year be simply joyous.

An all hearts murmuration

On cool winter evenings, over the moors of England, thousands of starlings come together to create something extraordinary. Before they settle down to rest, the starlings put on one of the most spectacular shows in the natural world: a murmuration.

A most divine example of interdependence and collective consciousness in action... click here.