Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy


new spaces

Join me for the first in the new year of new classes this Wednesday from 9:00-10:30 am for Hatha Flow Yoga. This class is open to all levels at the Casa De Luz Center for Integral Studies. Students are encouraged to bring their own mat and props (if needed). Then stay after class and enjoy an organic vegan lunch from their award winning macrobiotic cooking school.

In response to the needs of our evolving community, beginning in January of 2007, all payments received for classes at the Burly House will be donated towards a sacred space for group meditation and yoga practice. All persons and abilities are invited to join the donation classes on Mondays for Hatha Yoga and Meditation at 6pm, and Wednesdays for Open Meditation at 7:30pm. May our new year be blessed with peace, light, and joy.

global neighbors

Jim and Amy Holland are the torch bearing eco-warriors and owners of Ecowise in Austin, Texas. Considered one of the top 5 most earth-friendly cities in the United States, yet Ecowise is the only all green business in Austin supplying everything from building materials and flooring, to housewares, clothing and gifts. For over 15 years they have been operating from a small well stocked store in a newly "gentrified" south congress neighborhood.

Amidst the rising construction and increasing property taxes - now more than ever is a needed time to support our neighbors. If you are of the holiday consumer spirit, may i encourage you to think outside of the "big box" stores and support your local businesses. When you are in the neighborhood, stop into Ecowise and say "hi." I'll be there helping them out through the holidays.

silent sojourn

As the winter season approaches, the world prepares to descend into the depths of hibernation and the spirit into contemplative solitude. Following mother nature's suggestion, i will be embarking on my annual Vipassana silent meditation for 10 days from November 29th through December 10th.

During this time, all public classes at the Burly House will continue with the exception of Monday December 4th. I am excited to announce that Karlie Lemos will be guest teaching the public classes during my absence. Unfortunately, all private classes will be cancelled and rescheduled to meet the week of December 10th at their respective day and time. Please join me in welcoming Karlie to the Burly House tribe and support our growing meditation and yoga family.

Karlie has been practicing yoga for about 8 years and has completed 200 hours of studies in the methodology and disciplines of hatha yoga. She has also studied with master teachers such as Donna Farhi and John Friend. Her style is influenced by the Iyengar and Viniyoga traditions as well as her mentor teachers. Karlie loves yoga because it is a transformational practice that helps bring balance and awareness to all aspects of her life. As a teacher she hopes to make yoga acessible to all and inspire others to develop a regular practice that comes from the heart.

share in space

Saturday is fast approaching and i just wanted to send along a quick request regarding the meditation and dinner. Weather provided, we hope to be outside beneath the canopy of our beautiful trees (the last event before they are removed for the solar panels). Any additional lawn chairs would be greatly appreciated. Juice, hibiscus and chai tea will be available, although you are welcome to bring whatever other refreshments preferred. If you need suggestions for a dish to bring ~ is an excellent resource. Greenling will be making their deliveries this week or you can catch the farmer's market Saturday morning to get those last minute items. Enjoy the rest of your day and don't forget to howl at the moon!

full moon dinner

Hooray, it is that autumn harvest time again! You and a guest are cordially invited to join us at the Burly House on Saturday October 7th for a full moon meditation followed by a vegan pot luck dinner. We will once again inaugurate the festivities with a brief silent meditation at 7pm followed by dinner at 8pm. No worries if you will only be joining us for dinner, but please plan to arrive no sooner than 7:45pm to allow for the close of the meditation. New meditators welcome, cushions and chairs are provided. Please contact me to RSVP or for more information.
~ another great reason to visit your farmer's market

NEW! on-line asana index

After years of practice, teaching, and training (and many long hours behind the computer) i am excited to offer an on line index of asanas. This is by no means i complete collection (total number of estimated asanas recorded is 84,000!) nor intended to replace the wonderful texts available from publishers and other teachers.

This index has been compiled to assist with developing a personal practice at-home and to gain a better understanding of the postures from their different perspectives. The information has been referenced from B.K.S Iyengar "Light on Yoga," David Swenson "Ashtanga Yoga Manual," and Swami Vishnu-Devananda "The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga". Each asana is listed by the type of posture, benefits, precautions, step by step instruction, modifications and common misalignments. I did my best to research the most commonly used English name for the Sanskrit poses without diverting too far from its original traslation. As of date, the current edition is text only (although i hope to have images to accompany the instruction very soon).

As this project develops i kindly welcome any additions, comments, or corrections to the material as we continue to learn and grow together. With all due consideration of liability, the index is available to current and former students and teachers only, please contact me and i will send you the link. Thank you to all with whom i have crossed paths and shared in spirit and space. Together we have learned and continue to create this light of awakening. With humble gratitude i thank you. enjoy.

fall classes are beginning

Wow, where did the summer go? The winds of change are upon us and a new season is approaching. An additional yoga and meditation class has been added with a new time to accomomdate for the new school schedules (and increased traffic) . Beginning in September join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for Yoga and Meditation at the Burly House. The first hour of asana practice (physical postures) is designed to prepare the body and mind for the following half hour meditation. Learn specific methods of movement and breathing to open the hips, knees, and ankles while strengthening the lower back and abdomen for support. The meditation is introduced with brief instructions followed with time for questions after the practice. Beginners and all levels of experience are welcome.

The Monday evening Yoga and Meditation at 6:00 will also continue... so please be sure to sign up in advance at least 3 hours for both or either evening. Keep cool out there, drink lots of tea, and check back often for new classes and updates.

additional yoga and the arrival of truth

The monday evening meditation has evolved into a yoga and meditation class ~ what a divine combination. Beginning July 24th, join us for a Hatha yoga class at 6 pm and stay for the meditation at 7 pm. If you have never practiced yoga or tried meditation, this is an excellent opportunity to learn in a small and personalized setting. All the necessary mats, blankets, and props are provided... just bring your beautiful self and a friend, too! See you soon.

Rescued from the streets in Houston and named prior to our adoption, Satya (Truth) has arrived at the Burly House in the form of a 10 week old kitten. Satya is the giver and receiver of love, can be sharp and quick in reply, and most of all finds contentment and happiness in the simplest of objects. The best birthday wish come true that I could have asked for ~ she is a purrrfect fit. Come meet our new addition and see Truth for yourself :)

this one time at yoga camp...

Oh my, how could i resist? Sending this gesture of love and laughter out around the world to all of the Yandara Yoga Institute graduates from this past winter ~ thank you so much for a fun and magical season on the beach in Baja. Our class photos are online, but unfortunately i do not have a digital photo for the November 2005 class ~ anyone, anyone? I look forward to the day our paths cross again and will forever cherish the memories created beneath a Mexican sun and that giant moon. All the best as our journeys continue to unfold.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

the Bliss Fairy takes flight

Fairy; Noun. 1. a magical creature in human form; 2. possess supernatural powers; 3. allie of nature; 4. can change the course of human affairs.

On the longest and brightest day of the year, i wish for everyone a joyous Solstice celebration and offer the first edition of the Bliss Fairy. An on-line seasonal newsletter updated each turn of the season, the Bliss Fairy was manifested to keep the community updated with coming classes, topics of interest, and current events. I encourage your feedback and suggestions as the newsletter continues to evolve ~ I also welcome your contribution of inspiring stories, artwork, questions and insights to include in future editions of the Bliss Fairy.

The Summer edition celebrates the Bliss Fairy's new wings and shines the light on Trish Callahan of Trish's Delicious Soupscriptions. Meet this unique Austin chef and sign up today to have her organic vegan creations delivered direct to your door. Beat the summer heat this year with classic yogic methods of breathing to lower the body's core temperature while cooling your head ~ not only is this technique effective, but its fun and kids love to do it, too.

10 day pilgrimage and schedule change

Hari OM Beautiful Selves,
Just a quick note to share that i will be out of town for a 10 day silent meditation and birthday sojourn from June 27th to July 16th. The Sivananda workshop dates have been changed to allow for consistency in class time, i apologize in advance for any inconveniences. The first day of the workshop will be Tuesday July 18th meeting from 6:30 to 9pm and continuing each Tuesday through August 22nd. Paid registration in advance of Tuesday July 4th will receive a discount ~ see the teaching schedule for more details.

summer classes and series

Take a breath, its not summer school, i promise ;) but something even better. Beginning this week and continuing every Wednesday evening through the end of August, Hatha Advanced with yours truly will be starting 7:30pm at the South Yogayoga Studio.

Sign up has begun for the Introduction to Sivananda Series at the Burly House. This 6 week course will explore the primary asanas (postures), yoga philosophy, sanskrit chanting, and meditation techniques as taught by Sri Swami Sivananda. Classes meet Thursday evenings from 6:30 until 9pm beginning June 29th and ending August 10th (no class July 20th). The cost for the entire 6 week course is 75$ paid before 6/20 or $15 per class after. Space is limited, registration in advance is requested. ** dates have been recently updated ~ see 6/18 posting above**

With teachers coming and going for summer vacation, be sure to check the schedule for frequent updates and additional classes. The Burly House will also continue hosting the Monday evening open meditation from 7-8pm through the end of August. Sit in the silence and allow yourself some time to just be still amongst the haste. Blankets, pillows and chairs provided as needed. Reservations requested.

Buddha's triple crown

As the saying goes "all things manifest in threes" and the Vesak celebration is no exception. This auspicious full moon in May foreshadows Siddharta Guatama the Buddha's birth, death, and ultimate enlightenment beneath the Bodhi tree. Each year, buddhists of different sects from all over the world unite in celebration and rededication of their commitment to the practice of patience, peace and loving kindness. This trifold event of the buddha moon, is also representative and symbolic to that of the 3 precious jewels in the Buddhist philosophy - the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. The Buddha forever shines as inspiration of what can be attained on the path, the Dharma provides guideposts along the way through its teachings, and the spiritual community is represented in Sangha and its cooperative efforts towards cultivating genuine human friendliness. May we all be awakened to the greatness of our being and forever liberated from suffering.

divine goodness delivered

While you are contemplating what to prepare for the pot luck dinner next weekend, allow to help with their organic (when available, local texas) produce delivered direct to your door. The wonderful people at Greenling organic delivery have developed a sustainable system that can afford to pass the savings along to the customer because there isn't the overhead of running a grocery store. Pick your own selection from fruits and vegetables to juice and nuts online and save the cost of gas while still getting below grocery store prices. The food is not only convenient, affordable, and (did i mention) all organic - but is fresher and lasts longer because it hasn't been sitting out on shelves for days. See for yourself and let your taste buds decide. Oh, and tell Mason i sent you :)

Buddha moon dinner

I am excited to announce that the Burly House is once again hosting a dinner celebration. You are invited to join us on Saturday May 13th for a silent meditation and vegan potluck dinner in honor of the Buddha Moon. The meditation will begin at 6pm with dinner to follow at 7pm. If you are coming to dinner, but are unable to attend the meditation, please plan on arriving no earlier than 6:45 to allow for the close of the meditation.

Don't worry, i won't be setting up the movie screen and showing boring reel to reels of Mexico (yes, i am old enough to remember those). This evening is an opportunity to not only catch up after a long winter, but a celebration of the Vesak Festival. The full moon in May (5/13/06 12:52 am cst) is traditionally recognized around the world as the "Buddha Full Moon" or Vesak Festival. The journey of the Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death all transitioned with this moon. What a wonderful place and time to celebrate the path of a particularly auspicious and potent occurrence.

Please RSVP for dinner and directions.

krishna das homecoming

I have found myself back in Austin and was welcomed by a kirtan with Krishna Das last friday night - what an awesome homecoming ;) Seeing so many familiar faces and sharing in beautiful sounds of spirit have made the transition from a winter in Mexico that much easier. My experiences in the Baja were diverse and enlightening - after my sandals were stolen at the beach, i was officially a gringo - thus reminding me to always be thankful for our blessings. The lives we live are truly of abundance and with that comes a responsibility to be compassionate and aware of our impact on the rest of the world. How little we are, yet so great!

In the coming months i look forward to continuing with classes from the fall and hosting workshops as well as developing more continuing education programs for those looking to move deeper into their practice and understanding of yoga. The Yoga in the Parks program is expanding to include Keep Austin Beautiful as we continue to clean up and reclaim the natural public spaces within our neighborhoods. In May, watch for a community clean up day at Longview park sponsored by Keep Austin Beautiful and Friends of the Park.

land of the timeless

The land of the timeless is best realized through the experience of living in Baja Mexico. I can’t believe that I have been teaching and serving here for over 3 months already! This past week commenced the 5th class of teachers in training that I have assisted here at la tierra segrada (the sacred land) - site of the Yandara Yoga Institute. I would like to apologize for not writing and sharing sooner, but alas, my journal writing has become limited and mundane in comparison to the divine simplicity of the actual experiences.

The palapa teepee where I have been living is in the desert sand surrounded by cactus, beside the ocean beach with lulling waves, and at the base of 7000' mountains. The yoga center is completely off the grid, solar powered with an organic garden and gourmet European vegetarian cuisine. From where I am writing there is an open view of the water and grey whales as they have been passing through with their new offspring to play with the surfers in the distance.

Students and teachers from all over the world have been coming here to experience the simplicity of living close to the earth and nurturing the development of a spiritual life. Initially, some desire only a greater knowledge of this science to self discovery, while others have the intention of becoming yoga teachers. It has been humbling to both witness and share in the courage of the self to become its true nature.

Buenas Dias!