Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy


Hatha Flow/ Vinyasa

Hatha Flow or Vinyasa yoga is a complimentary synthesis of different traditional styles of yoga which offers a complete and balanced view of the system and the Self. This class unites the strong dynamics and flowing energy of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga with the challenging and contemplative postures of Sivananda yoga. Students of either tradition will recognize familiar postures and concepts with this approach offering insight into movement, breath, and energy.

Breaking from the dogmatic tradition of a predetermined sequence of postures, each session is customized and tailored to the need of the students in the class. This freedom provides for an organic development and exploration through several possible approaches and combinations to address the students' needs. Moving at the guidance of their own breath with a directed mind and generated self kindness, students enter into a space of greater awareness and compassion.

Each class is as a slow dance metered by the coordination of the student's breath with movement. Concentrating awareness on the flow and rhythm of the breath not only stills the chatter of thoughts, but frees the mind from the limiting patterns of desire and fear. Through effort and patience comes a familiarization and control of these subtle vayus (energies) aiding in a fluid, more efficient and effective ease of movement between transitions of postures.

The sequence and techniques of practice may include sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures, backbends, twists, forward bends, hip openers, inversions, pranayama, and meditation. Modifications and props (blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters) are incorporated to assist students into the posture while also allowing for aid and safety in more challenging options. The level and progress of classes are based on the building of simplest poses towards more complex with the awareness of one's own personal limits.

What to expect

Movement and contemplation united for a dancing meditation of spirit. Drink plenty of water before and after class as it is advised not to drink during practice... it dowses the energy you worked hard to create. Do not eat 2 hours prior to practice or enjoy something light like a piece of fruit. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, yet not too baggy that it falls over your head in a standing forward bend. Also, be advised that zippers and buttons may get in the way.