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The Burly House

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the Burly House

Since 2002 the Burly House has hosted meetings, classes, potlucks, parties and now websites, but how or when our home assumed an identity of its own still remains a mystery. I can recall the name being used as humor, then soon in conversation and as if over night became a holiday card greeting, community venue, and a business reference. Though mortgage payments continue, i can honestly say there really isn't claim of ownership to any of it.

Small critters singing, swooping, and scurrying in the backyard remind us often that they were here first and have no intentions of leaving. The open door policy has often served as a home or refuge to family and friends travelling, visiting, in transition, or simply needing a few moments of peace. Those who have shared in the space have gifted or contributed to much of the furniture, fixings, and decor which reinforces a presence of kind communal energy. Even the ants have accepted the invite and though they don't make a mess, they clean up very well. Over the years, we have observed the growth and organic diversification of each of these communities in and around the Burly House.

We welcome the opportunity to share in this energy, whether it is a yoga class, meditation session, community gathering, or pot luck dinner. It is with great pleasure that i invite you to the Burly House... in the true south side of Austin.

Our only request is that old friends and new guests please RSVP by e-mail or phone (512) 945-1312 so that we may best serve everyone and accommodate for space.

The suggested donation is $10.

All abilities welcome.

The Burly House is accessible by the #3, #333, #338, and #103 bus.


Find out more about Burly House and how to get involved in making global changes locally.

Photo kudos to Nathan Nunn